The Company behind all the MrChrissyServices you know and love.

This is the home of MrChrissyServices LTD, The owner and operator of The "MrChrissy" Brand. Business and legal enquiries can be sent via email as listed below.

As a small, but agile company we’re able to provide these services at very attractive prices. Our philosophy is to maintain that approachability of a small company, provide the best service we can and put as much money as possible back into improving each service and bring forth new ones. Without huge overheads, we can compete in terms of affordability and excel in customer service!

Our customer service that is based, in Manchester, UK and it’s where we class as ‘Home’ for the MrChrissy Brand of services! We're passionate about delivering services you can depend upon and feel confident in our values! We regularly hold discussions with users - (feel free to ask about getting involved) to ensure our planned journey is what the users want to see. We have found this to be great in terms of deleloping great relationships with users and we're extremely proud of out retention rate, the amount in which users try our new services. A lot of our customers are on a first name basis with support staff - we try to remain within the professional yet friendly bracket that people resonate with.

Services we offer

MrChrissyServices is an ever growing and improving company. Check back often to see what has changed!!

TekLan Hosting

A range of web/server hosting and Cloud Storage services to help keep you online! All priced competitively and stored on lightening fast SSD for good access speeds!


Private, fast and competitively priced, with a great support team! Sign up today to keep yourself safe! We have servers around the world that fluctuate with the amount of users!

TekLan Mail

Our Campaign and transactional mail service! With advanced mailing techniques and all plans containing dedicated ip addresses we're miles ahead of the competition at a fraction of the cost!

TekLan Desk

Support desk, Knowledgebase and live chat support! Something we've all needed more than ever! The main stumbling block is the huge per agent fees and lack of support! This service will be coming soon!


A URL shortening service, ideal for marketing & high level analytics. Or just to organise things without huge cost!


Real time monitoring of any web connected device! You can choose from email/sms/phone call in real time should your device become inaccessible


MrChrissyServices LTD, First Floor, Swan Buildings, 20 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JW



Please note - we're unable to answer calls 24/7

Within the UK - 08454670374 or 01617061017

Outside UK - +448454670374 or +441617061017